Kick Starter Success!

This is my chance to take my recording career to the next level, but I cannot do it without your help! Be a part of making the magic!

Welcome to the KickStarter to help turn Justin Misenhelder into a success story! If you made it to this page, you are here because you believe, support, and want to show your love by joining me in this adventure! I have always wanted to share my journey with everyone who supports me, and through KickStarter, I finally get to! Now you get to be an active part of the process!

My amazing team includes Heather Holley, famous for helping to launch Christina Aguilera alongside Rob Hoffman and Skylar Grey. I also have the pleasure of having Chris Pappas, ABC music producer and Wheeling native, and the talented Rob Hoffman, known for his work with Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones! This high class team is known for discovering and launching new talent! We’re working on some dance music that makes you want to get up, move, have a great time, and most importantly, send a good message!

The first single ‘LIVE IT UP’ is ready to be taken to the dance floor! This piece of music screams for the chains of society to be lifted and lets everyone know it’s time to let loose, be who you are, and live the life you’ve always imagined. For me, this piece of music is the anthem to every person living life as if they were an outsider. My hope is to inspire you all to love above all else, accept each other, dream, and DANCE! If we all dance together, no one looks silly 😉 I want to make a difference, I want to make it through my music, and I want you to be a part of it all. If we work together, there is nothing we cannot do.

Meeting Ms. Holley has changed my life. She has helped me take my own personal thoughts and feelings and turn them into a musical message that everyone can relate to and most of all, jam to. Through our chats and writing sessions, we learned a lot about each other, and the closer we got, the better our song got. She has become not only my producer, but a wonderful friend.

We have juicy incentives for any donation you are comfortable throwing our way. With your help we can make more music, manufacture CDs, create publicity, process mailings, and possibly get started saving for a music video!

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