LoveKillVideoThe Justin Mise Team is proud to announce that our Music Video  ‘LoveKill’ has finished shooting. The video was shot in Wheeling, WV Jan 4th and 5th, and words cannot express what an amazing experience was had by all involved. ‘LoveKill’ the music video will premiere in Wheeling, WV in early June at the Towngate Theatre. Dates, Times, and other info will be announced as soon as possible.

We would like to take this opportunity and thank those that made this project a reality.

Firstly, a big thank you goes out to our Associate Producers, Jody Prather and Curt Naumann with Genos/Gumbys for their unwavering generosity and hospitality. We shot in their warehouse and could not have asked for a better location to fit our theme! A big thank you to all their employees helping to get the space camera ready, as well!

Thank you to Generations Restaurant and Pub for giving us our 2nd location! It was the perfect place to film our restaurant scene! We’re happy to add you to our list of Associate Producers!

Our cast and crew would also like to extend our gratitude to St. Vincent De Paul Parish for supplying us with a beautiful space to rehearse January 3rd, at the Parish Center. It was more than we could ask for, so please shake Fr. John’s hand for us when you see him for they became an Associate Producer as well!

Thank you to Rita and Greg Herndon and Judith Shumate for joining us as Co-Executive Producers and financing a part of our project that kept our cast and crew full with snacks in between meals and the paper products to enjoy those meals!

George Vopal was our photographer on set, capturing the greatest moments to make into memories and we thank him for his talent!

Our on stage make-up was supplied by Debbie Layton, a rep from Mary Kay. Thanks for making us look good Debbie!

Jamie Kavanas was perfect at her job as Head Hair and Make Up! She made us all look great! Her expertise in Hair/Make Up makes her a must visit in Wheeling when looking for a new do! Thanks to her place of business- Alfred’s Salon.

A personal shout out to Missi Ross, helping our crew move essential equipment and always asking us if we needed any more help!

The Justin Mise team would now like to thank all the restaurants who came to our rescue and kept us fed during our long days! If you are a resident of Wheeling, please patron these businesses and say Thank You on our behalf!

Associate Producers:

-DeFelice of Bethlehem (Colleen Lee and Matt Miller)

-River City (Jason Miller)

-Cheddars (Mike Price)

-The Alpha (Eric Palmer)

-Later Gator (Susan Haddad)

Our Amazing crew deserves more thanks than we could ever extend. These people are amazing at what they do.

Director: Grayson Maxwell

Assistant Director/Choreographer- Isis Masoud

Director of Photography Team: Michael Schatzel, Pat Francart, and Greg Neiser

Hair/Make Up- Jamie Kavanas, and her assistants- Jes LaRue and Marianne Clatterbuck

Production Assistants: Ryan Naumann, Megan LaRue, David Dudzik, Anthony Tighe, Michael Tighe, Brad McLaughlin, Josh Pawloski, Carlito Gilchrist, and Alex Trivery.

Our Featured Extra- Scott Fike

My Dancers and your Parents, you have my heart. I am so proud of you. Thank you for being so professional and making this a weekend we will never forget!

Claire Costello, Maeve Costello, Madison Ross, Mackenzie Ross, Adriana Walt, Stephanie Zgela, Sydney Jeffries, Mallori Miller, Megan Bright, Devyn Stidd, Claudia Callahan, Caleb Cooper, Alyssa Brady, Madison Neiswonger, Laura Tighe, Payton Fertal, Alexis Clatterbuck, Sarah Skowronski, Eric Lantz, Mackenzie Sloan, Sabrina Selcer, Toni Donofrio, and Taylor Cole.

“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend.”-Melody Beattie

Thank you all! This is only the beginning.

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