New Justin Mise Music In The Works!

IMG_9658_72dpiHey Music Lovers,

Have you gone through your playlist one too many times? Are you ready for something to jazz up your iTunes?

Justin Mise will once again partner with Heather Holley ! The pair first met in 2010 and have since been a creative force in the music industry, releasing hit after hit– ‘Live It Up‘, ‘LoveKill‘, and recently ‘Can’t Have‘ featuring Melia! A music video of ‘LoveKill’ can be found on YouTube.

Mise will be traveling to Holley and creating this brand new track in the heart of Los Angeles, CA.

We hope you’re excited music lovers and Mise supporters! Follow Justin on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for “in the moment” updates! Don’t miss Mise and Holley make the magic!

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